Mobile money integration

I can assist you in the full integration of Mobile money (MTN Mobile money) and (Orange money) into your application or website. Feel free to use any of the sandbox tools here to aid you if you want to handle the integration. MTN Mobile Money (momo) sandbox access key generator Projects with the mobile money … Continued


Markkinat is a e-commerce site where people can come and sell their products and services directly. One can do this by: – contacting Markkinat and the the products will be uploaded onto the site for them. – Or directly creating and account and creating a store on the platform. The website is multilingual(both English and … Continued


diyenmomjang.info is a site for my business. I built the theme from a starter theme. It is responsive has good animations and basic site features for showcasing my portfolio


Yakondi is a website where people who have been to a particular place can act as travel advisers to people who want to go there. The team here is large and my role here is back-end development.