I’m a software developer with over 4 years experience specialized in the Object oriented approach. I’ve a great understanding in the full life-cycle of the software development process including: requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, debugging, maintenance.

Most of my projects have been based on WordPress, Angular(Angular 4 and above) and sometimes Java. I’m quick and efficient with the above technologies, but I’m open to new technologies as I learn and adapt quickly.

My story

I created a profile on odesk.com (Now called upwork). I sent out applications for a while and didn’t get any feedback. That got me thinking, “Does freelancing work?”. Thinking of it agian, what did I expect? I had 0 years of wok experience competing with people of 10+ years of experience. I decided to get a job locally because I had lost hope in freelancing. I started with a teaching job. I thought Java because for some reason, there was an opening only in that subject. It was kind of a great experience. I think I learned more as a teacher than when I was a student because as a teacher, some students challenge you.

Later on, I got a job in a software development firm called Zingersystems. After working on some projects (mostly PHP inclined), I confirmed I was really not ready for freelancing before. I learned so much about QUALITY, DEADLINES and A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF CLIENT NEEDS.

In 2014, I heard about upwork. I wanted to give freelancing a chance again. I went to create an account and surprisingly enough, I already had an account. My odesk account had been transfered when odesk became upwork. I did a few changes to my profile. On the second job application I sent, I got the job. I now confirmed I was ready.

Unfornately, I got several job opportunities after the one mentioned above and lost most because of this competition. It wasn’t going to let this stop me because I had faith in my ability so I kept trying making sure I studied what wrong each time I got rejected.

One day, I received a job invite and yet another rejection after the interview. But this client was different, he showed me the work of the person who got the job. After looking at this work, I thought “I wouldn’t have hired me either”. My competitor’s portfolio was amazing as well.

I decided to upgraded my portfolio. So despite the fact that I wasn’t getting much work, I spent my time doing the work I was rejected for just to make my portfolio great.